FutureboxTv has now a new version#### APDC´s videos are now available in the new FutureboxTv version.#### http://static.viatecla.com/bysense/share/2013-08/2013-08-12224325_0b10b5e0-fdec-46c5-b3d1-eec300b06272$$AE07EE74-0D09-42CD-A2CF-77530EB4BA39$$5066C268-A5D6-4D96-AD85-17FDCF2CED51$$en_us__imagem$$pt$$1.png

FutureboxTv has now a new version

APDC´s videos are now available in the new FutureboxTv version.

"Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications" - APDC is now using a new FutureboxTv format, based on HTML5 technology, which allows  do display the content on different channels: web and tablet (iOS and Android).
In order to accelerate the content research, which in APDC case was complex, due to their wide range of videos, it was integrated the "elastic lists" concept. This new concept allows interactive research, so easy, fast and intuitive with a very few clicks by using a set of research under multicriteria contents that are classified into different categories.
The user as now available four search filters, (year, speaker, type of event, theme), and when he selects the filter options the results are displayed based on his selection. 
Thus the user can dynamically build the sequence of content he wishes to visualize.
The new APDC´s FutureboxTv is now online at: http://tv.apdc.pt/