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Directors of Braztoa choose KeyforTravel

Bysense celebrates Tour operators option for Keyfortravel

It was a was a business decision  but it takes the assessment that the entity, in this case Braztoa, made ​​the products available in the market. And who was celebrated Francisco Guardia, who heads the Bysense in Brazil, with products like Keyfortravel. "We are evaluating since last summer technological tools that would meet the needs of our carriers and we conclude that the Keyfortravel what was best met our market," says the president of Braztoa, Marco Ferraz.

No wonder the Bysense created different conditions for accession by members Braztoa. And because of that, several companies associated with the entity joined the management platform, including the Monark, led by Marco Ferraz, Soft Travel, Magda Nassar, the Environmental, José Zuquim the Raidho, Roberto Haro Nedelciu and JVS by Manuel Nogueira, all board members of Braztoa.

"The Keyfortravel is a platform for managing the operation and availability in real time, offering tourism product. It covers the entire management cycle, from hiring and setting product prices, mark-ups and target markets, even the availability and promotion of supply in real time, through booking and completing the process, with payments, creating documentation and billing, "explains Francisco Guardia.

"This is an important achievement for the Keyfortravel Bysense and therefore, after a hard choice and selection process applied by Braztoa, overcame competition. Keyfortravel What is a unique product which allows customers to differentiate themselves," celebrates the executive .

Guardia, from Bysense with directors of companies that have just joined Keyfortravel: Roberto Haro, Raidho, Manuel Nogueira, JVS, Marco Ferraz, Monark, Guardia and Fausto Adriano, Soft Travel